Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Basics to the Funk

“It’s Saturday Night. You’ve had your outfit picked out for the past 2 weeks. You know you’ll look amazing in the dress and the shoes are to die for. After makeup, hair and clothes are on, you take a final look in the mirror only to realize you don’t have on any jewelry and throw on some studs or hoops, and your everyday purse and walk out the door.”
                There is nothing like having the right outfit and utterly destroying it with the wrong shoe scarf or way too much or too little jewelry. Even a wrongly placed belt can go from giving you a great waist line to simply making you lumpy. Now the statement above is nothing against hoops or studs. Anyone that knows me knows you can find me in a pair of hoops  ( I love them!)  but its about the complete effort of the ensemble. Not many know that the amount of thought that goes into the outfit itself also needs to go into the accessories which ultimately bring the outfit to the next level.
Accessories are the icing on the cake, the outfit completer, the polishing of a look.   I personally love wearing a classic look and spicing it up with a funky shoe bracelet or ring, or just the opposite a funky outfit with simple accessories. It’s the fun of watching someone look you up and down and once they see that little piece( whether it’s the ring the earrings purse or shoe)  starring at that piece a little longer. It’s the little unexpected pieces that make you stand out.
What you want to do when you accessorize is let it play the supporting role to the amazing pieces you have put together. Along with that   create Harmony within the pieces of accessories you have on. You want your pieces to flow together complementing each other, not battling  it out for attention with each one crying for the lead.
 You want to have one major statement piece.
- You don’t want to wear a Big Necklace with Big earrings. That is a lot of look in a small space.
Accessories don’t have to match color wise with your outfit
-          Feel free to be free with colors. You don’t have to wear all black to wear colored accessories. You could easily wear red with tan colored accessories Or Turquoise with a hot pink pump. HAVE FUN
-          Just because you are wearing a leopard ring does not mean that you need to wear leopard earrings bracelet and necklace. Let the pattern piece, no matter how small, be the Statement piece even if it’s not the largest piece.
-          Be careful with the placements of belts. The last thing those of us who carry weight in our midsection want to do is put the belt right in the of that. You want to place your belt right underneath your bust which many times is the smallest place on your body. It might sound like a weird placing for a belt and may even feel weird but it will give the illusion of an hour glass figure even If that’s not what you have.
Have Fun and express who you truly are.
-          At the end of the day have a good time and express who  you are. I can write all these do’s and don’ts but if you want to break them because they are not authentic to your style than don’t follow them. There are enough carbon copies in the world, be free to be the authentic you.

Style and accessorizing is all about Showing the inward beauty of one’s self to the world.  You’re beautiful! Let everyday be a catwalk, and make every person a fan of the Flyness of U

Love ya Beauties,

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