Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can't Keep a Secret

Hey Beauties,

 This is actually less of a "How to funk it up" and more of a “Is this trend funky?" So please leave comments opinions and all that....lol... I truly want to know what you think. Now my “Day Job" is at Victoria's Secret and a lot of the new products and marketing that we have, and are still getting,  have been of women in Tops or Dresses that show the bra or the corset. The clothes that we have, the tank tops and some of the t shirts, the pits of the arms are cut low enough so that you can see the bra  or even the entire side of the body.

 After I saw this at work I paid a little more attention to this trend  and realized its everywhere. A lot of pieces are cut like this. Now this isn't my style, but that doesn't make it wrong. I mean I would say it’s something for a younger generation but we see Jada Pinkett Smith in this and that sista got some years on me...lol .So my question is would you wear this? Is this the direction we are going in as women? I felt with clothes getting tighter bust lines getting lower hems getting higher there wasn't much left to show. But I guess the next step would be the only thing that we still have hidden, “Under Garments” Or is it not that serious?  Am I being a prude? Or is there truly something to leaving some stuff to the imagination?

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