Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Danger! Danger! Patterns & Prints and Plaid Oh My!

You want to be careful with prints. As much as both you and I love them you don’t want conflicting patterns whether it’s on your purse or your pants, or conflicting colors. Try and make the pattern the statement piece and make everything else a supportive cast member.
                 If you are wearing clothes that have a pattern, print, or  plaid  you don’t necessarily need to have on accessories that do a lot. If you are wearing you’re hair down you may not even need to do earrings. Patterns can say a lot and depending on the occasion that’s good. But if you want to tone down a look , putting a great cardigan or blazer over top can help. When you do a patterned  make sure you’re accessories don’t say much. Let them be as subtle as possible.

Be careful Beauties! Too Much look can really over power the simple beauty of you.