Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Danger! Danger! Patterns & Prints and Plaid Oh My!

You want to be careful with prints. As much as both you and I love them you don’t want conflicting patterns whether it’s on your purse or your pants, or conflicting colors. Try and make the pattern the statement piece and make everything else a supportive cast member.
                 If you are wearing clothes that have a pattern, print, or  plaid  you don’t necessarily need to have on accessories that do a lot. If you are wearing you’re hair down you may not even need to do earrings. Patterns can say a lot and depending on the occasion that’s good. But if you want to tone down a look , putting a great cardigan or blazer over top can help. When you do a patterned  make sure you’re accessories don’t say much. Let them be as subtle as possible.

Be careful Beauties! Too Much look can really over power the simple beauty of you.



  1. I agree! I'm not into mixing patterns, even if it's "in"

  2. And I love the blazer idea!