Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Swag Accomplice

This weeks  Swag Accomplice Is Yewande. She is Beautiful, Kind, Intelligent  And My friend. This is what she has to say:

"Id like to say that my style is really just focused around comfort. I like looser fitting pieces that have a nice cut to hint at my little shape.

 I love flats and sneakers; not a huge fan of heels although I do appreciate a good pair when I see one. I love earth tone colors, stripes, and anything with grey in it.

 It's funny because whenever I do go out shopping I have to force myself to add color... I just love grey, it always works for me. On the accessory front, I really like to keep my jewelry to a minimum.

 I lean towards smaller rings and thin chains; more personalized pieces. 

I love a cute stud that has a little personality but not very good at picking out statement pieces. I have to rely on celebrity inspiration and my friends for that!

Overall I'd like to think that my style is evolving from less Tom boy to more simplistic woman.

 It works for me!"

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