Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A little More than " A Touch of Glamour"

As Many of us know know the Met Gala was this weekend, if you don't know what it is it soden't matter I'm sure you Saw pictures of celebrities this weekend all dresses up. Now I actually want to start with Beyonce and not for the reason you think. I am probably in the whole world who is not a fan of this dressed and am also confused by it:

To me she looks like an inappropriate Peacock.  I just really don't like it. Many celebs came out in their Sundays Best. 

Ironically the other Knowles Looked Pretty Slamming I must Say!


The Anthony Family looked OK. 

Carmelo looked great and LaLa looked nice its just that LaLa usually kills it. I mean she looks really good I don't know if its the mermaid style or the color I'm just not feeling it.

Amy Adams looks Exquisite as usual

And Leah Michele looked beautiful!

Okay Sweets! If you agree comment! If you disagree Comment! Just

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