Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As I got dolled up for my date night, I went to apply the Red Lipstick I had in my makeup bag. Right before I could put it on my husband came in and said, “I know you’re not wearing that?”  I of course looked at him like he was crazy. “Nicole Black women shouldn’t wear red lipstick” I again looked at him like was crazy and applied it anyway. (And of course looked great) I thought about what he said the next day only to realize that there was a small amount of truth to what he was saying. Should black women wear Red lipstick? Of course, if it’s your thang you could wear blue lipstick if you want. It’s just that Red lipsticks depending on the color base shouldn’t be worn with every skin tone.

Women who have a Pale or Fair Skin tone should stick to A red Lip that is an orange or yellow base. Brown Skin or darker shades (Like Myself) should use a red lipstick is blue based.
A couple of other tips on the red lip are:

DEEP REDS-Deep reds make your lip look small so if your lips are already thin maybe go with a lighter shade

Concealer -So that lipstick isn’t running everywhere put some concealer around your mouth

EYESHADOW-Now some people say if you’re going to do a red lip because it’s so dramatic don’t play up your eyes. Other say a dramatic Smokey eye is a great match. I’ve seen both done right and think they look great so it’s really up to your own style and of course skill when it comes to eye shadow

Kiss- After you apply the lip kiss a tissue to get off any excess.
At the end of the day the worst thing that could happen is you wipe off start again. All you have to do is ask does it look good on me. Doesn’t matter if that shade looked good on your friend, sister moms, or a celeb, everything is not for everyone. Make sure it is a good fit for you and only you can be the judge of that.

Be Glamorous !

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  1. I don't wear red lipstick ever! I have very large lips which I've grown to love but I usually wear a nude/ neutral lip and play up the eyes. I feel like I look like a clown in red lip stick but I've seen black women wear it and it looks lovely