Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Swag Accomplice

This weeks Accomplice Is the Beautiful Sharetta  Here’s what she has to say about her style:

"My Name is Sharetta Harrington and I am a self-proclaimed fashionista on a dime!

I am inspired by bright colors, things that sparkle and pretty much anything else uber feminine that you can imagine. (Lord please let my first child be a girl! Lol) 

I am in no way shape or form a "label whore" (I simply like what I like) and I am often inspired to create my own masterpieces as I could never imagine my personality or style being properly represented on a boutique rack. 

I carry spare jewelry in my purse (in case my mood changes in the middle of the day) and I can consider pearls appropriate for any occasion (i.e. work, wedding, workout at Bally's... don't judge me)

I am a firm believer that appearance is everything and looking presentable at the very least is a must. But most importantly, I usually like to look as good as I feel and I've been told that I might actually be a "happy woman", if one ever existed. I have a consulting company where I reach out to youth and give presentations on everything from "Dressing for Success" and "If you slept in it, it stays at home!" Just trying to do my part in the world as I live, laugh and EAT! (the latter being my "not- so secret" obsession)"

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