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THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY!! I’M SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE HERE!!!!! I pray you find tips on fashion that you can apply and can even send in pix of your own unique style to show to the world. I decided to create this little world of mine for a couple of reasons. For one I honestly don’t feel like people know how to accessorize. ( And I don’t just mean Jewelry when I say that. I mean Hair Makeup, cardigan blazer, shoe purse everything that is added to  the basic ) The amount of thought that goes into the dress and the shoe needs to also go into the coat bag makeup hair jewelry You know what I mean.. . I want to show and teach a few things that I have learned and also learn from you. I’m always walking up to women in the street and asking them “Girl where did you get those shoes from” or “ I need those earrings in my life where can I find them.” I am in no way claiming to have all the answers to style and fashion but with you beauties sending in tips and pictures of you and your swag we can help style each other.
Which brings me to the other reason this blog was birthed, I want to highlight “Accessories to Fashion” Women who assists in killing the Fashion world. Anyone who knows anything about the law or at least has watched an episode of SVU knows that an accessory or an “ Accomplice” Assists in the crime. Well  I showcase  the  women ( and on occasion men) who are assisting fashion by killing it every day with their individual style funk and swag. The authentic every day beauty, that is every woman that is reading this. I don’t know how to look like a celebrity. And many times neither do they.(lol) That’s why they  have stylist and makeup artist and a hair stylist. The majority of us don’t have our own glam squad. ( I wish) So I wanted to be able to go to a blog where I can find The every day woman who goes in her closet picks out her own clothes (Without a stylist) and Uses the Side Walk as her Catwalk. I don’t need to know what J-lo wore to the Grammy’s. I’ll probably never go. But I would love to see what you wore when you went out with your girls, because that’s a part of my life. Now once a week I will highlight a “Touch of Glamour” which honestly goes against the majority of what I just said..(I’m crazy I know lol) Truth is the Grammys, the red carpet or any kind of glamorous fantastical fashion event may not be in my future it could be in anyone of yours, and this is just a little indulgence of looking at beautiful pieces on  a celebrity or model or someone that we’ve never heard of before, and seeing  how we can incorporate that little splash of Glamour into our every day.  But other than that on this site you are the Trendsetters   you are who I desire to focus on and learn from.
Our Sidewalk Catwalk Features people that we see  in Malls, Walking down the street, at Wal-Mart ( where I am at least 2 days out the week), Every day beauties that live life to the fullest and look stunning while doing it.

Funk it up Portion is where I give tips on How to accessorize (That of course is my style and as much as I love it I love personal individual style more. So feel free to break my fashion rules and any other Fashion Rules) It’s also a section where you can send in pictures of outfits you need help accessorizing or Accessories you’re not sure how to rock.

Swag Accomplice Is where I feature 1 woman a week and her amazing style swag and individuality. If you are interested in being featured please feel free to email me at

And My style is on things that I’ve put together that hopefully you can enjoy.
In the Future we will be adding more but for now sit back enjoy, read comment, and share.
Love Ya Beauties,


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