Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Chameleon of the T-Shirt and Jean!

“Girl what you wearing tonight?” You have either asked or been asked that question. Trying to figure that out has gotten me so aggravated at times I have changed my mind about going out altogether! Trying to create a look as a woman can feel like such a daunting task. There are so many components that have to be figured out, the hair, Makeup, Accessories, shoes, Purse Its TOO MUCH!!!!! If ever you find yourself in this situation turn to “Good Ol’ Faithful” Tee Shirt and Jean!

  As simple as “T shirt and Jeans “sounds, you can do so much with those basic pieces. Many times when I decide to wear this fabulous duo it has been because I’ve had a fly blazer to pair with it, or Funky shoes that I don’t want to get ignored.

 They are 2 pieces that can play a supporting role to great accessories.

T- Shirt and Jeans area great blank canvas. Have you ever had a great Necklaces or a great cocktail ring that just screams to be seen but in the midst of the rest of the outfit being just as beautiful it’s neglected in getting its chances to really shine?

 The t-shirt and jean combo gives it that chance. So Next time you’re on your way out throw on those jeans with the perfect fit that t shirt that you look amazing in and play in your closet with pieces that can really bring this to a higher level of sophistication.

Rock it out Beauties!

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